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6 Tips For Choosing The Right Fishing Tackle

Fishing can be an fun and relaxing hobby, but if you don't have the right fishing tackle it can become an exercise in frustration very quickly. If you don't use the right lures, poles and line you won't be able to attract or land those fish so choosing the right equipment is key. Here are some simple guidelines that will help you choose fishing gear that will help you land that big one!

1. Fishing Flies are made to imitate the bugs fish love to eat, but did you know that fish are aware of which hatches are happening in their water? This means that you have to choose flies that represent the types of insects that are naturally available to the fish. Knowing what insects are abundant in the area you are fishing will help you choose a fly that imitates that particular insect.

2. There are 3 types of tackle, spinning, plug casting and fly fishing. Plug casting and spinning use bait to drag the line down to the fish. Fly fishing uses a fly that rests on the top of the water. It's important to know which type of fishing you want to do since that dictates the type of fishing line.

3. Fly fishing lines come in 3 different kinds and each kind has numerous variations. The major types are level taper, shooting taper, double taper and weight forward. Lines come in different weights from 1 to 15. Typically you will want the first 30 feet of line to be weighted to the rod.

4. The rod and reel are important fishing tackle and you want to buy a fairly good one so you can feel the fish on the line. The best for beginners is a spin casting reel since it is easy to operate. A light action six foot casting rod is usually a good choice and the reel should be spooled with an 8 pound test line. A lot of times you can buy the rod and reel together as a package deal in the stores.

5. You want to stock your tackle box with bobber, sinkers and hooks which you can buy different sizes and styles of. You'll probably want to start with a few different types and then figure out which suits you best. When it comes to bobbers the smaller it is the better the performance.

6. There is a huge variety of artificial lures out there and every fisherman has his favorite. You might check at the local fishing store near the body of water you want to fish in to find what colors, styles are working best in that area. That being said, you'll want to have a large variety of lures in your tackle box so that you'll be prepared for any situation.

Fishing tackle can be costly, but you do need to have somewhat of a variety of items in order to be able to fish under different circumstances. You can start out with a few things and grow your collection gradually over time - after all, that's part of the fun of the sport!

Lee Dobbins writes for Fishing Gear Tips where you can learn more about lures, reels, rods and choosing the right fishing tackle.

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